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We are Romuender German Shepherd Dogs 25 miles east of Dallas Texas. We only bread Long Coat German Shepherd Dogs.
We have World Champion Longcoats and have made the World podium at the BSZS in Germany 3 years with 3 different Longcoats. 

long hair german shepherd puppies for sale

9 Puppies born March 9th. Now taking deposits.


V-VA Rated Males


V-VA Rated females

Long coat german shepherd puppies for sale


AKC Registered

Elina Long Coat German Shepherd

Internationally Respected... A legacy earned

Based in Terrell, Texas is our family of the world renowned and respected Romuender German Shepherds. While they enjoy a fun filled family life- serving as loving companions, each is proven to compete and exceed in every way; from the highly competitive SV showarenas, to the vigorous working dog trails, to being cuddled up on a couch, our GSD's preserve the spirit and exhibit the beauty of this magnificent breed.


See what our clients say!

Our dogs are family... We hope to provide you with the best family member for years to come.

I have been so impressed with Romuender GSDs! Our girl Kobe is a wonderful addition to our family, and Karen made the entire process seamless and easy. She answered all of my questions throughout the process, fully vetting our family before agreeing to place a dog with us. Furthermore, she has made herself readily available to answer questions as Kobe has grown. I cannot recommend them highly enough!!

Chari McMahon

Wow!!! Just picked up the most beautiful pup from Tim and Karen. These are true animal lovers. Such a fun property to visit. The adult dogs are all so beautiful and very socialize. The intelligence in these puppy eyes can already be seen. I’m so excited to watch this puppy grow. Thank you Tim and Karen. Just a 1 week update. Og is a amazing puppy. Crate trained soooo easy, she’s so smart. My other gsd greta has takin to her wonderfully and og is following the same commands. So far I’m amazed at how great she’s doing.

Traci Foreman

Beautiful dogs and very well behaved. It’s obvious Karen and Tim take great care and go the extra mile to work with these dogs.

Regina Heidleberg Kaiser

The best, most professional breeder, and amazing gsds anyone could ask for. These dogs have outstanding temperaments and drive! Karen and Tim stand behind their dogs 200%. If you are looking for a great show and working dog all in one, I suggest you contact them.

Holly Earthworm Carraway

Wonderful people and dogs. They love their dogs and the GSD breed. They train, work and show their dogs in competitive dog sports. I wish them lots of success with their breeding program. Best wishes from Germany Maren

Maren Friedhoff

I love the fact that they only breed Title dogs and the fact they work and spend time with each one! When dealing with them you know what's it like to be talking with a creditable breeder who cares about the breed!!!!!!

Jim Miller

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike so many Long coat and Stock Coat West German Showline breeders, we don't take deposits from the unknown. Instead we select our prospective families to ensure our puppies have a safe, healthy and loving environment. Degenerative Myelopathy (DM Testing) and Hips and Elbows are not enough to just breed two German Shepherds, nor is just looks of the dog. We breed to the highest breed standards by following the German SV standard. Read More.

yeti championship GSD

Why we love longcoat german shepherds and the difference between showline and working line.

I am often asked the question, “Why a longcoat german shepherd?” or what’s the difference between a longcoat GSD and a stockcoat GSD?

The answer is that these fluffy little teddy bears are the absolute cutest creatures on the planet! Often times two stockcoats may carry the autosomal recessive gene to produce a longcoat GSD. Meaning some of their siblings may be short haired. I swear my theory is that these little fuffballs steal the great genes. lol. No really, I find their bone structure, temperament, and personality wins over families many times over their standard coat siblings.

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Choosing the right breeder is key...

We invite you to the winners circle and encourage everyone to learn more about what it takes to make the podium, what it means not only to us but to the families and individuals who truly want the best, and choose to embark life with a companion of sound substance, quality exceeding standards and beauty beyond measure. 

Click below to enter our Breed Education Center; learn more about SV standards, health testing, genetics, puppy development, our practices and much more.